1:41 pm

These are small goals I have created for myself -realistic goals.

  • Drink more water: I will drink at least a cup each morning (I don’t like water in the morning), and I will carry my bottle in my schoolbag (It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day).
  • Only tea allowed: If I want to drink something other than water, it must be tea, and just to be realistic, any fruit/vegetable juice from a juicer. I must limit my consumption of diet drinks to 1-2 per week. (I’m just adding this to be realistic).
  • Eat breakfast: This is an obvious one, but nonetheless one that needs to be a goal.
  • Pack lunch: Most of my lunches should be packed from home.
  • Eat whole eggs: They’re not as bad as people make them out to be. I will attempt to each 1 whole egg w/ egg whites for a few breakfasts.
  • Use dumbbells: No explanation.
  • Do yoga: Because it makes me happy.
  • Write on tumblr: Because it helps me relieve my stress.
  • Ride my bike: This one is realistic as the weather is great year-round.