4:53 pm
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I’m going to aim to eat around 1200 to 1400 calories, and burn about 500. Today, I ate around 1260, and I plan to keep it at that. I had a big lunch, and I really wanted to purge, but I ended up adding all the calories and I’m okay with this total. I plan to burn 500 so I can be at a total of 760.

1:46 pm
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I’ve been doing a terrble job at keeping track of the day I’m on for the diet. So today I’m keeping my intake at 100 calories.

1:00 am
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Intake Day 2 

500 Calorie Limit:

Coffee (15 cals.)
3 apples (234 cals.)
3 cups spinach (20 cals.) W/ 2 tbsp. Fat free italian (15 cals.)
4 baby carrots (16 cals.)
1 cup unsweetened almond milk (40 cals.)

Runningg 2 1/2 miles
Dancing nonstop all night
(I don’t know how many calories were burned whatever!)

Total: 340 calories

I present you with my dinner (I like my veggies). :D Egg white and tomato sandwich, steamed veggies with some black pepper, and some tea on the side.

I present you with my dinner (I like my veggies). :D Egg white and tomato sandwich, steamed veggies with some black pepper, and some tea on the side.

6:05 pm
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I just had the loveliest dinner. I didn’t really have breakfast or lunch (I know I should try harder) so I wanted to actually make something today. Now, I really can’t cook so It’s not like I cooked :P.. Anyway, this is what I ate:

6 Tbsp. Egg whites (50 calories), 1 slice of cheese (50 calories), chopped tomato (around 10 calories). 

-That was placed in the microwave all together and placed on two slices of bread (90 calories). 

On the side: 1 cup of spinach (7 calories), around 1 cup of baby carrots (70 calories), light Italian spray thing (10 calories)

Tea (0 calories).

Total Calories: 287

9:38 am

1 banana - 100 cal; Tea - zero cal; handful of puffed rice - 30 cal

Total: 130 calories

9:47 am
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1 apple (55 cals.) 1 pickle (9 cals.) Coffee with unsweetened almond milk ( guessing 10 cals.)

Total: 74 calories

I have to get back to restricting, and I will be logging in my intake for each meal.

8:53 pm
Intake: April 30, 2012 


Lunch: 1 orange (50 cals.)

Dinner: Salad w/ fat free Italian, 1 apple, some croutons. (approximately 140 cals.) & some coffee (I haven’t been drinking as much, and drinking it right now is heavenly). 

Total: 190 Calories

I know I’m probably a bit higher, but it doesn’t matter. That’s all I’m having today, and I feel just fine.

9:22 am
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1 flatbread thing (100 cal.) Jam (probably 50 cals.) 1 apple (50 cals.)

Total: 200 cals. Jsudjnsgaksvdhxjdv

Ugh. I’m not happy about this. This is gross because it already sets me to a bad start. I’m feeling fat and bloated. I need to start fasting. But spring break is coming up, I need to be able to hide food/ fake meals. This is not good. :(

7:55 pm
Intake: March 13, 2012

Breakfast: 1 1/2 pieces of toast (113 cals.) Coffee with 2 tbsps of milk (14 cals.)



Total intake: 127 calories

I was going to have something else but I’m angry at myself and I don’t deserve anything. Fat cow.